Buck David

Buck David
Denver, United States

Leave it to Buck David to lure modern house heads out of their comfort zone. Staying true to dance music’s roots is no easy task, but he does so with ease anytime he steps behind the decks.

Well versed in all things underground, he seamlessly blends disco, funk and jazz house into house and techno sets. It’s helped him stand out to say the least. A fixture of parties put on by TheHundred Presents, he’s made a name for himself throughout the Denver nightlife landscape.

A normal child with no formal music training usually can’t tell when an instrument is out of tune, but Buck David (real name Matt Atkins) was no typical youngster. The youngest of seven in a household full of musicians in Western Michigan, he grew up exposed to everything from disco and soul to hip-hop and R&B. In the mid ‘90s he found dance music by way of songs like “Around The World” by Daft Punk and “100% Pure Love” by Crystal Waters, sending him down a path that he would follow to the present day.

He began learning how to DJ and produce while attending university in Kenosha, Wisconsin. On the day of his college graduation he landed his first gig at a local club called Art Bar (which later rebranded as 8Bit). When the owners asked him to come back and play more often despite it being his debut performance, he started to see a career in music as a more realistic prospect.

Buck David refined his craft at Milwaukee nightclub Studio 200 where Wisconsin promoter Fortune regularly held events. She played a significant role in David’s coming of age as an electronic musician. In addition to rounding out his house and techno knowledge, she instilled in him a sense of responsibility to keep dance music’s African-American roots alive by championing it’s seminal genres as a DJ and producer.

After relocating to Denver in 2017, Buck David added a lot quite a few more gigs to his résumé. After making a strong first impression on the rooftop of local favorite Bar Standard, he was booked by TheHundred Presents founder Brennen Bryarly A.K.A. option4 to play direct support for Max Cooper at Club Vinyl. He has also performed during several installments of Techno Taco Tequila Tuesdays at Tennyson’s Tap, a beloved event brand among mile high house and techno enthusiasts.

Parallel to playing out, 2017 also marked the year he came into his own as a producer. Tracks like “Fraudulent Charge” and “Stroll Through The City” showcase his ability to weave eclectic influences into one cohesive signature sound, pairing tasteful sonics with club-friendly hip-hop and pop samples. The following year he refined his sound further to yield “Shuffla,” a nostalgic and largely instrumental house heater.

Whether he’s playing records or putting in work in the studio, Buck David’s commitment to carrying on the rich traditions of dance music is evident. By simultaneously keeping his finger on the pulse of new trends, he’s able to share such timeless sounds in a context that resonates with old and new generations alike. In the years ahead, you can expect to see many more dance floors’ worth of music lovers convert to Buck David fans. If his present trajectory is any indicator, the best is yet to come.