Denver, United States

“Taking people on a journey is the fundamental element of underground dance music,” Seth Troxler.

No stranger to the infamous underworld we call techno, Astronoize have a style that will take you on a ride to the outer reaches of the universe! Nick Serna and TJ Genay came from a musical background and translate that to the way they play and produce. With Nick wielding the decks and TJ running the machines, their live performances encapsulate people in a wormhole of emotion and energy! Heavy drums, deep baselines, pulsing rhythms, and blistering leads are the sounds they use to paint their musical soundscape.

Every set they deliver has dancefloors hypnotized with sounds of interstellar medium. Not only can they perform, but their productions have gained the attention of some important techno labels such as Codex, Beast Factory, Gain, and Puchero. Needless to say, this duo provides a truly unique experience that leaves you looking to the stars and craving the sounds of cosmic techno.