Shane Beebe

Denver, Colorado has become a haven for the underground and after-hours scene, and with native disc jockey’s like Shane Beebe, there is no question why. His presence in the industry is solidified by his ability to cleverly craft sets that cater to the undeniably polarized demographic of the house-music fanbase. To do so, he has spent a lifetime indiscriminately ingesting all genres of music in both the mainstream and the underground, allowing him to truly understand how to get you to move. Whether it’s an “A” or “B” lister is of no consequence to him as he builds his sets with the only one concern… To reach the hearts and minds of his audience. That’s not to say that Shane is without his preference in music, which can be said for all DJ’s who truly intend to brand their style and set themselves apart from their peers. Influences from industry giants like Daft Punk, Sasha & Digweed, Jazzy Jeff, and others have brought him to adapt the unique sounds of UK Garage/Speed House. This is the sound that Shane naturally gravitated towards, and soon after began piecing together sets on vinyl, which he learned on his own.

To this day, he remains one of the Mile High City’s biggest proponents of UK Garage/Speed House. Consequently, coming up in what many consider the infant era of rave, served to instill a professionalism that has garnered the attention of producer and house music DJ Quivver, who recruited Shane to open and close for him in the official Sasha after-party. Yet another major milestone in Shane’s ascent through the ranks, put him on the decks with a group well known for their ability to entertain and throw down amazing sets, Rabbit In The Moon (also known as RITM). Again, he was invited to rock the after hours alongside RITM’s Bunny and David Christopher, with special guest and new Denver resident Chris Fortier. Accompanying the aforementioned, Shane kept RITM’s fan-base, who are well known for their high energy and thirst for hard hitting house music, moving their bodies long into the early morning.

With many other gigs under his belt, and more to come, Shane Beebe aims to serve the newest and hottest beats directly to your ears, this time collaborating through friend and cohort Josh Powelson’s label JourneyDeep. Immediately after meeting, the two saw that teaming up would bring the diversity and continuity that is sure to draw crowds. Keep your eyes, and more importantly, ears open as Shane continues to bust through the norm… you’re sure to be treated to a show you won’t soon forget.


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