First hitting the ORLANDO rave scene in 1990… Markie Horne aka NUSKOOLJUNKIE would begin a 20 plus year journey….DEEP into the many parts of the UNDERGROUND scene. From a starry eyed club kid watching KIMBALL COLLINS set the standard for many of the now LEGENDARY club nights at AAHZ. To the Mind blowing takeover from the roots of FLORIDA’S LEGENDARY breakbeat culture and being influenced by DJ’s STYLUS, LANCE HENDRIX, DXTREME, REMARK and a few others. He never did see himself as a DJ, just a true fan with a passion for the music and the great times with his many friends. In 1994 he threw his first party, SUNDAYSKOOL and would eventually end up as the promoter for the infamous late night club SOLRAYS in DAYTONA BEACH, where he ended up getting the itch to be a DJ… he plays nothing but the sickness and big banging nasty breaks with a ‘lil ELECTRO rolled up together. He is honored to be a resident alongside JOURNEYDEEP in taking u on a dope ride thru the darkside of NUSKOOL breaks… sit back and njoy NUSKOOLJUNKIE!!!!!

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  1. 'bar-nard' a solrays kid says:

    “The infamous SolRays”? Infamous?! It’s not like it was Cyberzone or anything. Now that place was infamous. I’d call SolRays legendary, fun, and life-changing. My ears are still ringing.

    Where can I check out NuSkool in FL?

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