Only the finest from JourneyDeep, we hope to blow this place up with this weeks set. Two hours of brand new music and some of our favorite tracks from the year so far. Enjoy Balancing Point #16.

DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK: JDP1520 – JourneyDeep – Balancing Point 16 (03-12-2016)

Featured on KWWM 91.3 FM Mustang Radio 03-12-2016

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Keif – Astro (Original)
Jeff Neil – Flight to the Moon (Original)
Nasser Baker – Born Again feat. Ghost of He (Original)
Sasha vs. Junkie XL – Beauty Never Fades (Dark Soul Project & Mathov Unofficial Remix)
Sabb, J.U.D.G.E. – Enclose feat. J.U.D.G.E (Animal Trainer Remix)
Eating Cannibals, Forrest – Collapse fear. Forrest (Original Mix)
Tomi Williams – Kropf (Original)
Dopp – Inebration (Original)
Roman Beise – Roadtrip (Original)
Celedon – Century of Shade (Original Mix)
Dave Nash – Higher (Original)
Quivver – Wait for You (Habischman Remix)
Zmey – It’s a Fine Day with OpusIII
Mode MT – Heaven is Right Here (Original)
Phoebus – The Future (Original)
7REGISTER – Horizon
Dave M.Sanchez – Holy Mountain (Original)
747 – Formula (Original)
Dan Palmer – A.I (Original)