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JDP1505 – JourneyDeep – Balancing Point 05 (03-07-2015) ((Another Journey Into the Deep))

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The Tracks:

Hydrophonics – Electric Goodies (Audiovice Remix)
Ran Salmon – Fractured Memories (Original)
Echo Droides – Star Walker (John Mork’s 808 remix)
Adrian Scarlett – Dream (Original)
Teddy Richards – Tea Time (Original)
AN:TI – Orchids (Nebogitel Remix)
Anturage – Mad About U (Original)
Balcazar – Heart Wide Open (Miguel Puente Remix)
Baunz – Out of the Window Feat. 3rd eye (Walker & Royce Remix)
Ben Grunell – Into the Sun (Maertz Remix)
Inner Rebels, Shake Sofa – All Night Long (Shimmer (NL) Remix)
DJ Lamor – Shark Attack (Original)
Sirio Families – Free Like a Bird (Original)
Aphrodite – Cozzy D
D1lson – Infected Love
Lab of Music – June Star
Branchie, Jeremy Bass – On the Moon (Original)
Constantine Vit – Aurora (Original)
Tieries Azzier – Cybernetic (Original)
Alias Rhythm, Dephlex – What You Give (Nolan Remix)
Mark Wells – I Love You (German Brigante Remix)